Monday, September 28, 2009

10. A Sop To My Conscience

Hi, and welcome to the update. Hoody-hoo! And while I am sticking to my principles (more or less) and am working on The Project Which Must Be Finished, I find that I can still sneak in a twenty-minute session of painting once in a while. What's more, I can take pictures of all the stuff I've painted previously, which hasn't been photographed yet, and make it look like I'm making a lot of progress. My "French Invasion of Dahomey 1892" is coming right along. Yesterday I finished the last of the French forces (another damn set of eight identical Tirailleurs, bleah), so now all that's left are the Dahomeans. It's back to eight, but in four groups of two's. (If that grammar is too weak for you, just read a couple of posts back and you'll understand what I mean.) I am now more than half way finished, having completed 64 French, with only 48 Dahomeans to do (plus two mules). I realize this is a little heavy on the French side, but it's the way the packs came: when I bought them, I bought two full sets of all the packs, with no regard to balance; just a straight-up purchase of what Dixon makes. What's more, 8 of the "French forces" are porters (ie, non-combatants) and 16 are Tirailleurs Sénégalais who will probably run away fairly quickly. Then there's the set of 8 of which 4 are dead/wounded. So truthfully I have 36 battle-ready French troops versus 44 Dahomeans (hey, King Behanzin can't be expected to fight!). Anyway all this will make more sense when you see the final product. For now, here's what I've accomplished since May this year. Click on the pictures for a bigger view. FFL Skirmish Line - Pack 1 poses 1&2: FFL Skirmish Line - Pack 1 poses 3&4: FFL Advancing - Pack 2 poses 1&2: FFL Advancing - Pack 2 poses 3&4: FFL Officers & NCOs - Pack 3 poses 1&2: I have them as (L to R) the Colonel, Captain, Major, Lieutenant. FFL Officers & NCOs - Pack 3 poses 3&4: I have them as (L to R) Sgt, Cpl, Cpl, Sgt. (Ya see, the Sergeants have the grey hair....) FFL Bugler, Mule Minder & 2 Dead - Pack 4 poses 1&2: FFL Bugler, Mule Minder & 2 Dead - Pack 4 pose 3: I have them as 1 wounded, 1 dead. (Might make for a good game objective, rescue the wounded prisoner, oops too late.) FFL Bugler, Mule Minder & 2 Dead - Pack 4 pose 4: FFL Marines - Pack 5 pose 1&2: FFL Marines - Pack 5 pose 3&4: This is the only set I have where the figures are not the same from both packs. You can see there are three of one fellow, and only one of the fellow on the right. Just worked out that way. Native Bearers Carrying Loads - Pack 6 pose 1&2: In diapers.... Native Bearers Carrying Loads - Pack 6 pose 3&4: In colored Underoos.... Tirailleurs Marching - Pack 7: Tirailleurs Advancing - Pack 8: Don't even think of getting marching and advancing mixed up. heretic. And so we come to the end of our update, wherein many voters have been persuaded to vote for yours truly as Emperor Of The Known Universe. And you thought this was just about miniatures! Thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 18, 2009

9. Please stand by while we experience technical difficulties

We're all familiar with "Physician, heal thyself," and its collorary, "Philosopher, live by your own rules." (O.k., I admit I just made that last part up.) Alas, I am living by my own rules, that's what sucks. I have not updated the blog here, nor have I painted much at all, precisely because I am living by my own rules. Real Life (©, ®, TM) has intervened, sticking its ugly long nose into my business. I have some things I have to accomplish, as quickly as possible, that preclude me spending time on painting. Maybe a little, but not much. But "Do it now" rules my day. And by "do it now, " I mean not painting and doing this other thing. Fear not, I will return. (Then again, maybe that's cause for fear....) P.S., Watch out Shadam IV, I'm after your job! (And if you know that reference, you win a shiny new No-Prize!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

8. Self-Discovery is painful

I learned something about myself recently, and it's always unsettling when you first make the realization that you are "X." I learned that I don't like painting multiple copies of identical miniatures. That's why it took me so long to finish my Tirailleurs. I have eight of exactly the same pose, and All the previous sets of eight in this range are actually two sets of four, and each of the four is different, so there are only two miniatures each who are the same. I can handle that. But, even though I knew it, it didn't click that this set was different. It just didn't register in my brain. If it had, I would have swapped four of them with the next batch, which is also eight identical figures, and of Senegalese Tirailleurs at that. Alas, after that, it's back to the "normal" mode of two sets of four, so I can't mix it up with them. I'll just have to cowboy up and get it done. (I know what you're about to say: just mix them up anyway, what difference will it make? To that I answer, well duh, I can't because the next eight is the last of the French forces; after that, it's all Dahomeans. And while, yes, they will have the same skin color, I can't paint four Tirailleurs Advancing and four Dahomey Women-Musket & Machete. I just don't roll that way.) At any rate, here's what I've finally accomplished. Eight Dixon Miniatures FL7 FFL Tirailleurs Marching, more correctly known as the Tirailleurs Sénégalais. After some soul-searching and online discussions, I went with the blue pantaloons, or serual. I based my decision largely on "Colonial Armies in Africa 1850-1918" by Peter Abbot from Foundry, yet the final decision was entirely selfish: they look better in blue! Click the pic to make it, big. I've got big plans for The Known Universe, just as soon as I become Emperor Of it.