Friday, September 18, 2009

9. Please stand by while we experience technical difficulties

We're all familiar with "Physician, heal thyself," and its collorary, "Philosopher, live by your own rules." (O.k., I admit I just made that last part up.) Alas, I am living by my own rules, that's what sucks. I have not updated the blog here, nor have I painted much at all, precisely because I am living by my own rules. Real Life (©, ®, TM) has intervened, sticking its ugly long nose into my business. I have some things I have to accomplish, as quickly as possible, that preclude me spending time on painting. Maybe a little, but not much. But "Do it now" rules my day. And by "do it now, " I mean not painting and doing this other thing. Fear not, I will return. (Then again, maybe that's cause for fear....) P.S., Watch out Shadam IV, I'm after your job! (And if you know that reference, you win a shiny new No-Prize!)

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  1. Yep, "know wot yer mean, John!" as they say where I come from (I'm originally from Woolwich, South East London). I've done nothing but read emails on the umpteen forums I subscribe to, and on Facebook. This modern technology thing is seriously interfering with modelling, painting figures, and making scenery! Which was why started looking at blogs and forums... for inspiration. And don't worry, KC, when you do show us your painting skills - it's inspirational!!