Thursday, February 10, 2011

34. More Gems and Dinosaurs

After trying a few solo games using my new red gems to represent gun shots, I decided I didn't like them so much after all.  (You can see here if you don't know what I'm talking about.)  They are simply too difficult to pick up off the table.  Their flat bottoms, small size and rich red color make them look great in the scene, but they were too much bother.

Accordingly, I went back in search of better items.  I thought very seriously about using those glass beads that are so common in collectable card games such as Magic:  The Gathering, but felt that in general they would still be too large in comparison to the figures, especially if I decided to play with 15mm as opposed to 28mm figures.

I found these "Crystal Dazzlers" in the floral section at Hobby Lobby, and used one of their weekly coupons to get 40% off.  There are waaaay more in the package than I will ever need, but oh well.  I think these will work quite nicely.  They are just as richly red as the gems, but are easier to pick up, and they're not as large as the glass beads so should work fine for both scales of my gaming.

 I also found some more dinosaurs at the Dollar store (actually it's Dollar General, I think) [edit:  It's Dollar Tree; I drove past it today].  I found them individually, and they just by purest chance almost exactly match the skeletal dinosaurs I purchased there in December.  They only had three, but they look pretty close.  Now I have Before & After dinosaurs!  That's got "scenario" written all over it.
Thanks for looking.

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