Saturday, June 10, 2017

79. Adventurers, Ready and Waiting...

...and waiting.  And waiting.

It's been a long time between updates, yet again.

Here are some Lost World style adventurers I recently painted.  They are from Copplestone Castings, specifically "AF04-Big Game Hunters."

This group is from Brigade Games, and is from their "Africa and the Lost Worlds" range.  This is "Hunters I."  I like that there is one lady who is willing to give this big-game-hunting-thing a try, and then there is her stern matron, watching disapprovingly (but who would probably be more dangerous wielding her umbrella than a rifle!).

This group is from Brigade Games, too.  This is their "Archaeologists & Assistants I" group.  Brigade Games has a lot of varied and interesting figures.

Finally, this is Captain Krustache and Erin the Archaeologist.  The Captain is from Pulp Miniatures, and was their Movember offering a year or two back.  They offer a new limited-run figure each year.  Erin is from Brigade Games, again from their "Africa and the Lost Worlds" range.  She stuck me as dressed less like an archaeologist and more like a dancing girl who got fed up being a slave and escaped.  So I painted her in silks (or at least I tried to).

That's about it.  Maybe someday I'll use them in a dinosaur-hunting game, and post pictures here to prove I still play.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice! I think your highlighting and shading is very effective. I've always been wary of going too far with highlighting, so I probably make it too subtle. Your highlights are quite light, but work great! The rest of your paint work looks great, too. Good color choices.

    1. Thankee, kind sir! My painting time is few and far between, so my skills tend to rust. I appreciate you taking the time to notice the details.

    2. Oh, and I don't do anything special. I use Reaper Master Series paints, and they have sort of a built-in base-medium-highlight color scheme.

  2. Thought you had retired from the military. (:O)>

    Really nice painting. You can pass go and collect $200.00!

    1. $200? Awesome! I'm finally getting paid to paint and game!