Friday, August 21, 2009

4. I'm painting, not philosophizing

Here's the Senegalese Tirailleurs I'm working on. They're from Dixon Miniatures ( 28mm from their Dahomey War range. I've already painted up all the French Foreign Legion forces I have, pics to follow soon. I originally bought double packs of their whole set when a web-store was having a clearance sale, that's 114 figures. Over 50% off, hoody-hoo! Anyway, you can see the original unpainted sets at my flickr account: I have a couple of "stories" told there, that I may try to recreate here on the bloginess of blog-dom. Just a couple of quick shots. I've only painted their skin, using a new triad of colors different from my other black skinned figures. I wasn't happy with my previous color as much, but now I'm not happy that I have eight figures all exactly the same skin color. My usual modus operandus is to paint every other figure the same, so in eight figures I'd have two different skin tones. Sometimes I even do three different skin tones. The funny thing about these miniatures is that they really don't look Senegalese to me. They look European.Still counting on your vote for Emperor Of The Known Universe.

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  1. Now I want to see some paint on their uniforms . . . each new part painted adds more to their "humanity".

    -- Jeff