Monday, August 24, 2009

6. A blast from the past

In honor of my kids starting school today, I've uploaded some pictures of a diorama I built from practically before they were born. My son was 6 months old, and my daughter wasn't even a gleam in my beady eyes yet. (Actually, I don't really need a reason to upload pictures, but it seemed like a good excuse at the time.) I proudly present my pièce de résistance: the Bridge of Sorrows from Ral Partha, sculpted by Dennis Beauvais. Sadly Ral Partha is no longer in business and this model is long out of print. It is a truly beautiful sculpt. I finished this in 1998. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view. I also put this blog link out there for the world to see on Facebook, so I hope to have a lot of new viewers. I thought this might make a good welcome shot for them. Hi, new viewers! Please "follow" me with the link on the left-hand side of the screen. Anybody? Hello? Echo!...echo echo echo.... And yes, I am completely ignoring the Three Rules of Kelly; sad but true, since I am their originator. (Please see post #3 for an explanation.) Here I am posting an eleven-year old miniature, instead of working on my Tirailleurs! Now for some close-ups. Don't forget me on Emperor Of The Known Universe day. I could use a nice greeting card.


  1. That "Bridge" diorama is really very nice.

    -- Jeff

  2. By 'eck, KC, I'm glad that beastie is nowhere near me! Frightened the life out of me, it looks so real! Crackin' paint job, lovely diorama... I didn't know Ral Partha went out of business, there seems to be quite a bit of there stuff still available at various shows in England.

  3. Thanks much. As for Ral Partha, most of their stuff is available from Ironwind Metals (, but not Bridge of Sorrows. Several of their other dragon dioramas are still in print though, and are some really excellent old sculpts. More expensive than I remember from 1985....