Thursday, November 29, 2012

61. You Make the Call!

My friend, Tom, and I recently played our home-brewed Rorke's Drift rules with my 15mm Old Glory figures.

The game is designed to end after 24 turns.  The following two pictures are of how the game ended.  There are no more Zulus on the table (excepting 6 men with rifles, who were too far away to do anything).  The British lost 33 men of 62 starting.

I would like my readers' professional gaming opinions on whom they believe to be the winner:  the British or the Zulu.

Tom and I both agreed on who we think the winner to be.  Not that it matters, but I was playing the British side and Tom the Zulu side.  I am purposely leaving out any references to the rules we used, in order not to bias your opinions.

Just look at the troop dispositions in the photos (which will enlarge if you click on them), and tell me who you think should be declared the winner.

Please leave your comments below, and thanks for taking the time to look.



  1. I guess it depends on the victory conditions. The Brits have enough men (and ammo?) left to wipe out the Zulus. On the other hand, if the victory conditions were to occupy the building on the right and/or make it over the wall, the Zulu won.

  2. Good point, I should have included that info. The victory conditions in the rules we use simply state: "At the end of 24 turns if the British are still holding on, they win. If they are in dire straits, they lose."

    It's a bit vague, I admit. But really, what you see is what the situation is. The Zulu's main goal is to kill British soldiers. The British goal is to try to not all be killed.

    We don't use victory points or anything. Honestly, the games usually turn out much more obvious as to which side wins.

    Just curious as to what people's first impressions are. Thanks!

  3. I'd have to say the British won...even if they are out of ammunition at this point the number of zulu left seems insufficient for the task of killing them all unless they break and run for it.

    What sort of percentage of their force did the Zulu lose?

  4. I would also say the British won (but they might be feeling a bit shocked by the carnage; just like in the film).

  5. M.C., our rules use a random-location, never-ending stream method of Zulu attacks. There are six locations, and there is the possibility of one attack in a row for six turns, but this is very unlikely. So Generally speaking, we don't keep track of Zulu casualties other than, "Is that location open for attack?"

    Fitz-Badger, you're probably right. If we left the Zulu figures on the table that are killed, you wouldn't be able to see the grass!

  6. I'm going for the Brits.

    This is where you bring on the Zulu second wave!