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89. More Not-Star Wars, in15mm, Wait Actually Star Wars

Hail and well met, once again!

Per my previous post, I have now finished painting the Khurasan Miniatures "Curious Chaps" 15mm figures (you'll have to scroll to find them, but they're near the top of the page at that link).  I'm probably breaking some secret Internet rule by revealing this, but it would have been nice to know what I was buying before I bought them.  Luckily, they were exactly what I had hoped they would be.  And I'll show them to you.

BUT FIRST!  I played another solo learning game using "Blasters & Bulkheads" from Four-Color Studios.  I made it a minor variation on the previous scenario:  both sides (same character line-up) wanted to find the Gooberspongemelf just like before, only this time it was protected by a strange energy shield that would need to be deactivated at the control station nearby.  This would require the teams to split up in what I hoped would be an interesting fashion, as opposed to what happened last time.

This is the game layout.  The Baddies are on the left, the Goodies are on the right.

After a few turns, Pon Farr (the Sith) and his A55A551N Droid gang up on Zar Bee (the Jedi).  His Bounty Hunter Fofa Bett thought he'd be clever and shoot from a distance.  Meanwhile, Buchakka (the muscle) and Gloob (the hacker expert) made their way toward the control panel, while Murg (the muscle) and Leeloo (that hacker expert) did the same on the left.

The A55A551N Droid, combined with the evil Sith, were more than a match for Zar Bee, even with Fofa Bett shooting from the shadows.

Leeloo and Murg lagged a little behind Buchakka and Gloob in getting closer to the Gooberspongemelf's control panel.

Gloob used his Hacking ability to take control of the system and shut it down from a distance, with a good roll of the dice...

...which removed the energy barrier from over the Gooberspongemelf, allowing Buchakka to grab it and git!

Upon seeing their foes fleeing with the Gooberspongemelf, Murg raced to try and catch them.

Meanwhile, the venerable Zar Bee was unable to withstand the combined attacks of his enemies.  Fofa Bett, seeing that his own attacks were ineffective and that Zar Bee was done-for, jet-packed away to try to intercept Murg and/or Leeloo, as necessary.  Unfortunately for them, A55A551N also moved to intercept Buchakka.

In fact, A55A551N got there first, but between Fofa Bett's shooting and Buchakka's brute strength, they were able to down the Droid.

However, this allowed Murg to catch up and engage Buchakka in melee.  Gloob tried shooting Murg, but Murg is just too tough.

Buchakka had taken some hits during the various combats, but decided that he needed to get the Gooberspongemelf back to Headquarters as quickly as possible, and so he risked ducking out of melee.

Murg was just as fast on his feet as Buchakka, though, and caught him easily; and with a few lucky blows, Buchakka collapsed, dropping the Gooberspongemelf.

While Pon Farr pondered over whether to end Zar Bee's life permanently, Fofa Bett zoomed over everyone's heads with his jetpack, scooping up the Gooberspongemelf and flying away!

Yay for the Good Guys!  They have retrieved the Gooberspongemelf and saved the Galaxy from a fate worse than aluminum foil on teeth!  But maybe not as bad as fingernails on a chalkboard.

It's always kind of strange, ending a battle like this.  I mean, there are still multiple enemies right next to each other, but hey, the battle is over.  I guess it's kind of like, "Drat, you guys won.  Oh well, see you next week!"  I mean, I know I could have continued playing, but Gloob is no match whatsoever to Murg, Pon Farr or maybe even Leeloo.  I actually think I might have min-maxed Murg, A55A551N, and Buchakka a little too much.  They're almost unkillable by anyone other than each other.  Fofa Bett was supposed to be a match for A55A551N, but the Droid has him beat with its armor.  I may need to retool them all somewhat.

But enough of all that!  Here is what you really came for:  Stormtroopers and Rebels!

15mm "Curious Chaps," a 10-man squad of infantry - front

- rear

Command and weapons (x7 -- two with big gun A, two with big gun B, three leaders with pistols) - front

- rear

Here we have some non-genre-specific Rebels from a certain Blockade Runner spacecraft, perhaps the Tantive IV?  They're the Khurasan TTC-3000 "Police or Security Guards."

Same from the rear.  BTW, their holsters are separate.  Talk about teeny fiddly bits!  But I like them with them on, better than not.

Money shot.  Battle is joined!

This was one of the pictures I used as a reference for painting my Rebels.

This scene had such an impact on my mind in my formative years.  There's something just so evocative about it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice art to game callous. Balance in scenarios can be like nailing jello to a tree.