Tuesday, March 14, 2023

96. A Variety Pack of 15mm

I recently painted up some 15mm figures, from Alternative Armies.  A long time ago I received a sample pack of sci-fi and fantasy figures.  I finally decided to paint them up.  Here they are.  Descriptions are from their website.  First up, Laserburn 15mm Sci-fi Sampler:

From L to R:  119 Law Officer (standing); 114 Adventurer (Laser Rifle); 206 Spacesuit (Rifle); 322 Guard (Power Armor); 300 Imperial Trooper (Bolt Gun).

From L to R:  501 Mercenary (Assault Rifle); 108 Thug (Knife); 602 Law Module Mk III; 111 Female Civilian; 118 Guard Dog.

Next we have the Alternative Armies 15mm Tabletop Fantasy Sampler:

From L to R:  549 Giant Slug; 552 Ape; 550 Manticore Young; 553 Centaur (Spears); 506F Human Assassin.

A closer look at the Slug, Manticore and Centaur.

From L to R:  510F Female Magic User; 513 Female Fighter (Chainmail); 507F Human Bard; 511F Female Cleric; 509F Human Fighter in Plate.

I then ordered their Octopods for my 15mm battles.  Here they are:

Infantry:  three poses of humanoid infantry with rifles.  Advancing rifle level, standing, loading.

Command figures:  Octopod Officer with Rifle, pointing.  Octopod Psyker with energy orb.  Octopod Medic with apron and cleaver.  Octopod Communications with radio and gear.

Support Weapons with Energy Bazooka, Octopod with Heavy Laser Rifle, Octopod with Gauss Rifle.

Seer Guard advancing, standard and duelling; all with energy poles.

Assault Troops armed with pistols, swords, knives and a chainsaw.

Racers.  The Racer is a step up from their jetbike featuring a pilot's pod as well as a single exhaust engine which propels the racer at massive velocity.  Fuel tanks and storage are under the hull and two lasers are forward fixed mounted.

Jetbike.  Little more than a saddle attached to rockets, tremendous speed and little control.

These last photos are of a metal obelisk that came in a box of stuff, I think, from The Mysterious Package Company.  Not really 15mm per se, but useable with any size miniatures.  Sorry, I just realized I should have included a miniature in the picture for scale.

Thanks for looking!

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