Wednesday, November 4, 2009

12. "Casus Belli" Interrupts

I thought I'd give a quick update about what's been going on here in Kelroy-land. Last weekend, I played in an extremely enjoyable Ancients wargame at the rules' author's house. It's a ruleset called "Casus Belli," which is available at The War Event ( I am a complete and total novice when it comes to Ancients gaming. Ironically enough, it was my interest in Ancients that led me to historical wargaming. I was learning about the various miniatures and rules available, but before I could follow through my attention was kidnapped by Colonialism. I mean I was totally captured without a chance to resist. That was three, maybe four years ago. I really enjoy ancient history, but I find I know very little (let me emphasize that again, very little) about it. Yes, I know the basics: the Greeks, the Romans, Alexander the Great, etc. But when army lists start spitting out names like "Hittites," "Seleucids," and "the Sea Peoples," I admit to being completely lost. I've been doing some reading, though, and hope to improve my lot. At any rate, there are some nice pictures of the last game at Just scroll down to post #11 to see them. All I will say is that my cunning plan to snatch a wishy-washy tie from the jaws of defeat by having the other side fail critical dice rolls at crucial moments, worked! Actually, I hid tiny little mice on my soldiers to scare the big mean elephants away. It's only my second game of Casus Belli, but I enjoy it so far. They're having a sale there, too, on the rules. See the following link for more details. Next post will be back to business as usual: death in the jungle! In honor of yesterday being Election Day here in the USA, I would just like to say thanks for your votes for me to become Emperor Of The Known Universe.

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